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Ardmore Consulting focuses on Document Management solutions.  We empower customers to take control of their documents and to mine the information stored in them.  Our solutions assist with Records Management, Compliance and taking control of both documents and Emails.  We specialize in Internal Document Management, Secure Intranets and Secure Extranets for sharing with parties outside of your firm.

"... after only a few weeks with Worldox, I'm telling everyone that 'I don't know how I practiced law without it for so long!'   If only I had it 15 years ago, I'd be retired now."

Bob Adshead, The Law Offices of Bob Adshead.

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Document Management Solutions

Worldox is one of those technologies that when you deploy it within your business, it provides a sense of control that can be quite liberating for customers.  Frustration levels of searching for documents - either physical documents or digital documents can  be greatly reduced. 

There are definitely significant savings and efficiencies, but it is as much about feeling empowered and reducing feelings of frustration.  Ardmore can help you take control of your exploding quantities of documents and e-mails.

Ardmore is excited to offer Worldox to Bundledocs integration to our Worldox clients.  Bundledocs provides additional business functionality in the creation of bundles, be they Briefs, Document Bundles or Booklets.

Loved by both Paralegals and Attorneys, Bundledocs, among other things, allows the Paralegal to organize a set of documents in a logical fashion with appropriate sections.

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Latest from the Blog

Legal software has been undergoing a subtle shift in the last few years.  Clients are demanding that they have flexibility to extend and morph products to fit their business needs.  There is a fast diminishing tolerance for having to wait on the features in the next release which may historically have been several years down the road.

Today Worldox and Bundledocs announced the availability of Worldox to Bundledocs integration.  Ardmore Consulting was happy to provide the design for the integration working closely with the Bundledocs team.